Walk with Me

A fantastical, yet dark short into the imagination of an Ugandan girl

Walk With Me is a short film and a first time collaboration between Ugandan artist Peter Tukei Muhumuza and Danish filmmaker Johan Oettinger, Walk With Me is a fantastical, yet dark short film that takes viewers into the imagination of an Ugandan girl. It is a story about getting older, about life and – most importantly – about dancing.

Walk With Me was filmed in Kampala and Masindi town in Uganda and completed in Aarhus at WIREDFLY studio in Denmark. It premiered at Rotterdam International Film Festival.

In a poetic-action-dance-journey, for children and curious souls, the 5-year-old Melanie lives in the countryside of Uganda. Full of life and living-toys she finds herself pushed out of daydreams and discovers death. But her toys and not least her vivid imagination helps and life goes on.

The world is wild and poetic, if you only have your eyes with you.

This film is a journey through childhood. A playful realization of life, the first meeting with death and its echoes in child's vivid imaginary world. Take a look at the behind the scenes of getting around in Uganda:


  • stop-motion
  • short
  • live action




Johan Oettinger, Peter Tukei Muhumuza