A Cinematic Exploration of Moral Evolution

Explore the depths of human complexity with SIBIR, as it delves into the character of Richard against the backdrop of populist and nationalistic times, resonating with today's relevance.

Meet Richard, who harbors a dark secret. SIBIR takes you on a journey where the audience grapples with the moral dilemma of whether he deserves punishment or even death. Inner monologues, inspired by Terence Malich's masterful approach in " The Thin Red Line," reveal the poetic abstractions within Richard's mind.

Morten Søndergaard's poignant poetry provides the foundation for Richard's thoughts, elevating the storytelling with single sentences that capture the silence between words. SIBIR aims to push the boundaries of cinematic narration by developing a unique voice-over technique. Søndergaard's monologues evolve into spoken dialogues, creating a dynamic interaction within the film.

Building on the success of award-winning films, WiredFly aims to elevate the exploration of inner character layers in SIBIR. The narrative seamlessly integrates plot, structure, and character, offering a visually stunning and emotionally rich experience. Through plot- and dialogue-driven storytelling, SIBIR invites audiences into a world where abstractions naturally unfold, enhancing the cinematic experience with clear and authentic communication.

Join us on this cinematic journey, where SIBIR promises to deliver a new level of storytelling that captivates, challenges, and resonates with audiences worldwide.


  • stop-motion
  • short


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