Mikkel, a lifelong artist who has wielded chalk, pencil, brush, charcoal, and even the iPad since the tender age of 5, possesses a talent that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Drawing is not just a skill for Mikkel; it is an integral part of his existence, intertwining seamlessly with the way he lives, breathes, and thinks. His artistic prowess is fueled by a rich tapestry of myths, religions, and historical knowledge from a world historian's library. At WiredFly, Mikkel channels his creativity into crafting Art Design for video games and stop-motion movies. An indispensable member of the team, Mikkel brings a tranquil demeanor and a remarkable ability to transform even the most unconventional ideas into artistic and visually stunning forms.


  • Art Director
  • World Building
  • Concept Art
  • Environment Art


Art Director




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